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Frequently asked Questions:

Where:  I have a studio in my home that allows for frequent changes of clothes and primping in between photos.  I live across from Oak Lake in South West Arlington which makes for a great backdrop.
I also shoot on location wherever you would like.  Local parks, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, Down Town Fort Worth, Dallas, Deep Ellum as well asThe Botanical Gardens, and your home are favorites.  Additional fees applyat the Botanical Gardens, per the gardens.
How long does a shoot last?:  I offer a mini shoot and an extended shoot. If you just need a head shot for your business cards or a resume and it is a quick uneventful shoot, I do head shots for $75 where I enhance and edit on a disk, one photo but you may have the others also. It is $10 extra per edit.
Scheduling:  I will work with you and your schedule. 
Children and Teens: Bring them on.  I love catching both in whatever mood they happen to show me that day!  The more animated and real they are, the more inspired I get!  Let me steer the ship and I'll get it out of them.  I have a good track record.
Being a mother and a previous school teacher of Special Education students K-6, they can't outlast me.  Let's play!  Natural photos where I catch them doing what they do best are my favorites. 
Clothing:   Jewel tones work best.  What you wear reflects back onto your face.  If "he/she" is wearing white, be sure you are not wearing a dark shirt like black or navy beside them.  This contrast confuses the camera and makes metering your skin tones difficult. 
Props: You bring it, I'll work it in.  Bring favorite toys or special items you might like in the photo.  Think of keepsakes, special jewelry, heirloom clothing, hats, sports uniforms, balls, trophies, medals, blankets, stuffed animals, baby rattles, etc.

If it is a teen, musical instruments, remember uniforms including shoes, senior ring, letter jacket, cap and gown, prom dress, their car!

Pets: Just be sure they are on a leash for their safety.  Treats and toys are welcome. 

Viewing: Your photos will be posted on the web for you to view from the first day up to 2 days after the shoot.  I can put a password on your photos for privacy upon request.

Can you make me look younger and skinny?:  I actually can lessen wrinkles and take the appearance of pounds and unwanted curves off of the side view, upon request.  I alter photos on my computer for an additional fee.  Posing can solve a lot of this and I am very sensitive to this issue to where you may not find this service necessary. 

I have a scar, acne, or a blemish on my face or body:  Same as the above.

Glasses: These can cause glare and distort your photo.  I have some tips and tricks to assist in this issue but they are not fool proof. If you must wear them, know that your optometrist may loan you an empty pair of frames that match the frames you own.  If they cannot lend you frames, they may be able to temporarily remove the lenses from your pair. Due to the extreme editing required there will be a $25 per person to fix any glass glare on an image.