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Price List

How much?  The mandatory sitting fee for portraits, excluding sports, cheer, drill, and dance teams, is due the day of the shoot unless set up otherwise. For families and seniors, my sitting fee is $100 for an hour of shooting and $100 per additional hour after that. This does not include portraits that I have printed or digital portraits.. There is no limit to amount of clothing changes. Just remember, that takes time from shooting so you may want to  limit changes or add time to the shoot.
Disk of All Portraits- 1 hr shoot plus DVD with printing rights released - $300.00
Disk of All Portraits- 1 hr shoot plus DVD for Watch me grow. 3-4 shoots in 1 year time for $250 each shoot.  Must agree to at least one more shoot in the years time for the discount.
    Mandatory Sitting Fee 1 hour - $100.00 (no portraits included in this price)
    Per hour after- $100.00
    1-5x7 - $20.00
    2-5x7 same pose - $35.00
    1-8x10 - $35.00
    8-wallets - $35.00
    Babies and Children if 2-3 shoots are scheduled- DVD and 1 hr- $300.00-
          ($50 to add Mom, Dad and siblings in that hour)
    Retouch 1 photo - $10.00
    4x6 - $10.00
    5- 4x5's - $40.00
    16x20 - $135.00
    11x14 - $85.00

    Ask me and I will get a price
    When your portraits are posted online, there is an option for you to purchase many   specialty items online! 

Checks:  I accept cash and checks. 
Credit Cards:  on line OR I'm now using The Square for credit card processing

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us to use information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account, or to process the payment as a check transaction.

You authorize us to collect a fee as indicated below (plus a bank fee if allowed by your state law) through electronic fund transfer from your account if your payment is returned unpaid.

Please include the following on your check. Returned check fee is $30.

-Drivers License #, -Full Name, Street Address, Phone Numbershere.